LETTER: ‘Mary Creagh knows her stuff’

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.
Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.

In response to Mark Woodhead (letters, April 18), first of all Mr Woodhead, in his opening paragraph, claims most of Wakefield and the UK voted to leave the EU.

I would like to correct that statement — in fact most of the UK did not vote to leave the EU. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU, therefore two of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom would like to remain and two would like to leave.

I would say that splits the vote straight down the middle. Scotland in particular had an overwhelming vote to stay in 62% remain 38% leave. Northern Ireland 55.8% remain 44.2% to leave.
With reference to Mary Creagh wanting to remain regardless of the people of Wakefield’s vote,

I would suggest that it’s because Mary Creagh has a considerable amount of experience in this field, she has worked at the EU and lived in Brussels for many years therefore she has inside knowledge of the workings of the EU and how it benefits the UK.

I personally don’t feel it is a matter of guts or weakness that MPs are reluctant to leave the EU, it’s more than personal opinions, it’s about the economy, jobs and finance. 
Then there are the lies that the electorate were told during the campaign and only now is the truth surfacing, of leaving the EU and the impact it will have on the UK.

Whilst I recognised not everything in the EU is perfect, quite frankly if it’s good enough for mainland Europe countries how come it isn’t good enough for the UK? Is it not better to be seated around the EU table having an influence, doing business, rather than on the outside? We are not an empire anymore, neither are we a superpower — the UK is a small island off mainland Europe.

In my opinion, and it’s only my opinion, I have found Mary Creagh to be very honest regarding the EU and it’s very rare to find honest people these days, especially politicians.

I believe the electorate should support Mary Creagh whose qualities are to be admired, as stated above, she is one of a few MPs who is extremely knowledgeable regarding the workings of the EU and the benefits of being part of the European community.

Miss Teri Gibson, Kirkgate