Mary Creagh blasts chancellor Philip Hammond for “sexist language”

Mary Creagh MP
Mary Creagh MP

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh has accused the Chancellor of the Exchequer of being sexist after he told her “not to be hysterical” in parliament.

Ms Creagh had raised concerns with Philip Hammond over Brexit and the regulation of UK companies at Treasury Questions today.

Mr Hammond acknowledged her concerns and said: “But I would urge her not to be hysterical about these things.”

Ms Creagh then asked the commons speaker John Bercow to intervene over “sexist language used to diminish women who make a perfectly reasonable point.”

She added: “That language wouldn’t have been used if I been a man.

“I expect that sort of language from the sketch writers of the Daily Mail, not from the Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

In response Mr Hammond said: “I did not, of course, accuse the honourable lady of being hysterical. I urged her not to be hysterical,

“If my comments have caused the honourable lady any offence I of course withdraw them unreservedly.”