Planners give boost for Wildcats’ Newmarket Stadium

Newmarket site
Newmarket site
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The Wakefield Wildcats’ plans for a new community stadium were given a boost yesterday when planning permission for a cold storage warehouse at the site was granted.

Newcold Ltd’s warehouse will create 154 full-time jobs for local people, and 39 construction jobs while it is built on land off Newmarket Lane.

Planning advisor Andrew Piatt, acting on behalf of Newcold, told Wakefield Council’s planning committee it was “a multi-million pound investment” into the city’s economy.

He added: “This will strengthen the district’s presence in the warehousing sector, and represents the first stage of delivering important further employment.”

The Wildcats are relying on business units to be built as part of the Newmarket Stadium development.

And the new warehouse not only acts as a catalyst for further development, but it also includes an access road and junction improvements which would otherwise have had to be paid for from the stadium budget.

Mr Piatt said it would take 16 months to build the warehouse, and that jobs would be aimed at local peopled.

He said: “This location has been chosen because of the expertise which already exists in Wakefield within this sector.”

Councillors said they welcomed the new warehouse, but raised concerns about its height, colour and how much energy it would use.

Mr Piatt said it was designed to be tall in order to free up space for other business units, and said the stark white colour was required to prevent temperature leakage.

He added: “It’s like a giant fridge, in many ways.”

He said the building would be energy-efficient.

Permission for a 12,000 capacity stadium was approved last year, following a planning inquiry by the government.

It will be leased to Wakefield and District Community Trust and the Wildcats will be the main tenant.

Chairman of the trust Sir Rodney Walker told the Express earlier this year that the stadium plan was about a year behind schedule.