Protesters to take to the streets as US President Donald Trump arrives in the UK

The American president arrived in the UK this morning.
The American president arrived in the UK this morning.

People will gather in Leeds city centre later today to protest Donald Trump's state visit to the UK.

The American president arrived in the UK this morning.

He will be in London for three days and there will be a protest in Leeds about his visit in Dortmund Square between 5.30pm and 7pm.

The protest is being organised by Leeds Stand Up To Racism.

In earlier event details shared on Facebook, the group said: "In early June Donald Trump is coming to the UK. This time, it will be for a full state visit - with processions down the Mall in a golden carriage.

"Trump’s regime must be stopped. And he must be met with mass protests when he comes to Britain next month.

"Last year, a quarter of a million mobilised to say no to Trump’s politics of hate and division when he visited the U.K. This time, we will take to the streets in even bigger numbers - to fight for migrant and refugee rights, for women’s rights, against the corporate elites and for the future of our planet.

"Trump is a symbol of the Far Right, the politics of Islamophobia and antisemitism, of war and conflict, of climate change denial, of sexism and transphobia and walls and fences that are growing around the world.

"Come and join us in Leeds to protest Trump’s visit."

It added that the protest is supposed by MEND, University of Leeds UCU, Leeds Coalition Against the War.

There were anti-Trump protests across the country in 2018.