Urgent work to secure Sandal Castle’s future will start next week

31st May 2011'Sandal Castle.' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE
31st May 2011'Sandal Castle.' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

A £100,000 project to secure the future of Sandal Castle will get underway next week.

The work includes urgent repairs to the Great Hall and the building of steps down each of the two moats.

It is required to keep the castle safe for visitors and reverse damage caused by vandalism and natural erosion.

The George Hyde legacy, which is managed by English Heritage, has allocated more than £93,000 towards the project, and WREN has contributed more than £15,000 in funding.

Coun David Dagger, Wakefield Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for heritage, said: “We want to address immediate conservation issues with the Great Hall and inner and outer moats.

“The condition of the castle has deteriorated in recent years through a combination of natural erosion, misuse by a small number of visitors, and deliberate vandalism. We are keen to arrest this deterioration, and to promote the tourist and interpretative potential of the site to local, regional and national audiences.

“I am confident that this exciting project will result in significant improvements to one of the district’s finest historical sites. Having steps into each of the moats will open up the site and make it much more accessible to visitors.”