Villagers object to Redrow Homes’ plan to build homes in Crofton

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Controversial plans to build 68 new homes in Crofton have been submitted to Wakefield Council.

Redrow Homes wants to build the houses on land off Priory Ridge, which is within the Nostell Estate.

Campaigners spoke out against the plan last year when the site was allocated for housing in the council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) and Nostell Estate confirmed it was looking to sell it.

They are concerned that it threatens Crofton’s village status, particularly as an application for up to 200 homes on land at Bedford Farm Court has already been approved.

Clare Pick, who lives near the site, said: “The impact on the village infrastructure will be much greater than Crofton can sustain.

“Road safety is an obvious issue in a village with no pedestrian crossing and a shortage of school crossing patrols.

“Other factors such as a lack of school places, the increased pressure on the medical centre and the lack of open space within the development are also concerns.”

In a letter to the council, Magi Gordon, of Manorfields Avenue, said: “This is barbaric to build houses on our lovely field. Crofton is losing all its green fields, there’s just more pollution, more noise and busy roads.”

Redrow has proposed a mix of one, two, three and four bedroom homes with parking spaces. Thirty per cent of the homes would be ‘affordable’.

Planning agents ID Planning said a public consultation event was held at Crofton Community Centre in October, when people raised concerns about the loss of agricultural land, the impact on the road network and wildlife, and lacking public services in Crofton.

Last year Lord St Oswald, of the Nostell Estate, wrote to campaigners expressing “regret” for the sale of assets.

But he said it was necessary to raise funds for the future, protect listed buildings and create jobs, and that the estate would continue to contibute positively to Crofton.