Wakefield Council to discuss the privatisation of Royal Mail

Royal Mail Logo
Royal Mail Logo

Wakefield Council will debate plans to privatise Royal Mail at its meeting on Wednesday.

Labour councillor Graham Stokes will table a motion for the council to support a national campaign to retain the service in public ownership.

His motion says: “The Conservatives are intent on privatising the Royal Mail and are once again putting profit before the public.

“We are concerned that prices will rise, businesses will be squeezed and the many services currently available to rural communities, to the forces and to the blind will be discontinued.”

The government and Royal Mail management have said the company needs access to private capital in order to grow and compete.

Business secretary Vince Cable told Parliament on Wednesday that a sale was vital as “the public will always want to invest in schools and hospitals ahead of Royal Mail”.

It will be the biggest privatisation since former prime minister John Major sold off the railways in the 1990s.

But the Save Our Royal Mail campaign said prices would go up, heritage would be lost and post offices would close.