Wakefield Council urges people to make sure they are registered to vote

Ballot box
Ballot box
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Voters have been urged to make sure they are registered ahead of next year’s local and European elections.

Registration forms will be sent out to homes over the next few weeks.

And if they are not filled out and returned, electoral services staff from Wakefield Council will be sent out to visit homes, wasting public money.

Wakefield’s returning officer Joanne Roney said: “The electoral register has to be updated periodically by law and it’s a simple form to fill in so it should not take too much time out of your day. Being on the register means you are involved in choosing the people that make the decisions which affect your everyday life.

“We are urging people not to put the form to one side but to check and confirm their details as soon as possible and return it in the freepost envelope provided. Important elections are taking place for the local Council and European Parliament in May next year, so it is important that you are registered and keep your vote.

“If you do not return your form an Electoral Registration Canvasser will be knocking on your door asking you to complete it. This costs the Council, and therefore citizens, a lot of money so help us keep costs down by returning your form promptly.

“The register we are compiling will be in force until December 2014. If you are not registered you will not be able to vote. It may also lead to problems obtaining credit or opening bank accounts as credit reference companies rely on the register for background information.”

A new electoral register will be published in February next year.

Anyone who has not received a form by October 15 should contact electoral services on 01924 305023, or e-mail elections@wakefield.gov.uk.