Pontefract hairdresser reunited with ex on ITV’s Take Me Out

A hairdresser was reunited with his ex-girlfriend in a bizarre twist on ITV’s matchmaking show Take Me Out.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th February 2015, 4:00 pm

Nick Knight, from Pontefract, said he was “freaked out” when he saw his ex-girlfriend Looci Sohma after coming down the lift on the matchmaking show.

The pair had not seen each other since they broke up almost two years ago.

Nick, 27, who works with his mum Carol at Niki’s Hair Salon in Baghill Lane, said: “Coming down the lift was terrifying, I was trying not to shake.

“I wasn’t expecting it because I hadn’t seen Looci since we broke up.

“I thought ‘oh great, I’m on a TV show and there’s my ex’, it freaked me out.”

All 30 women left their lights on for Nick but after watching clips of the hairdresser, only two women were left - and he chose Looci.

He said: “I chose her because I thought ‘better the devil you know’.

“Sometimes you break up with people and you think about what went wrong and you can’t get any closure.

“I had lots of questions I wanted answers to after we broke up.

“ITV said they didn’t know we used to be together and Paddy McGuinness came up to me after and said he was sorry and that he had no idea.

“I thought it was a fix because the chances of it happening were so small, there was more chance of me winning the lottery.

“It’s a game show and you have to take it for what it is.”

He said ITV had contacted him before the series to ask him to appear on the show but he declined.

Nick, who went to The King’s School in Pontefract, said: “I’m not the sort of person to put myself out there, I’m usually quite reserved.

“I don’t really watch it television and I don’t even have a TV licence.

“But when they contacted me again last year, I thought ‘if I can do this, I can do anything.’”

The pair, who were together for three years before they split, jetted off to the Isle of Fernando’s after the show for their reunion date.

Nick said: “The weather was great and we had a nice time at on the island.

“People will have to watch the show this weekend to see what happened.”

The show will air on Saturday at 8.05pm on ITV.