Poor condition of Wakefield roads

I would like to show my disgust at the council’s attitude to the repairing of the roads.

I live in Ossett, I too am a car driver, so I pay my way, re the roads.

I have complained on several occasions regarding the condition of the roads in the area. Some of the potholes are very dangerous and do not encourage cyclists.

I restarted cycling 12 months ago to try and regain a little more mobility and I was so surprised at the poor condition of the roads in the Wakefield area.

The stretch from Dewsbury Road at the top of Kingsway, through to Church Street, is a disgrace and has been for well over 18 months.

I damaged a wheel and was lucky not to suffer serious injury. I reported this and informed them that the potholes, and there are many, was around 2 inches deep.

The council wrote back to say it had to be deeper before they considered it to be dangerous and I could not claim for the damaged wheel which cost around £50.

The council have resurfaced/re-laid two areas of Ossett precinct, which to a lot of people’s amazement didn’t require the work. At what cost? It appears the lunatics are running the asylum.

The answer appears to paint some cycle tracks on the road. This an absolute waste of public money as most of these areas are being parked on, rendering them useless.

Most of the cycle tracks, or paths leading to them, are very badly neglected and left in disrepair.

It is high time this was highlighted and that something was actioned instead of empty words.

Alan Kane

Crownlands Lane