Primary school children should be taught the meanings of LGBT terms, say doctors - here's what YOU think

News that doctors are calling for primary school children to be taught abut the meaning of the terms '˜lesbian','˜gay' and '˜bisexual' received mixed response from you, our readers.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 1:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 2:14 pm

Leading doctors believe that certain terms should be explained to younger children as part of general teaching about healthy relationships.

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Primary school children should be taught the meanings of LGBT terms like ‘gay’ a...

Katrina Howe also agreed. She said: “ Yes of course. Teaching children about LGBT+ people will help LGBT+ children to accept themselves and not have self-esteem problems. Moreover, LGBT+ people are, well, people and deserve to be treated well and not treated like something that will mess up children somehow.”

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Joe Morris Jnr added: “Yeah, teach them all that but also don’t forget to teach them proper life skills, how to do stuff you need to do in life, and don’t be teaching them all the colours of the pride flag but then watching them fail maths and English like I suspect is happening!”

A popular commment was made by Carl Churchill. He said: “Also teach them about taxes, mortgages, savings, budgeting, benefits, utility bills, basic animal care and increase home economics lesson of they still have them!”

Nicola Shaw said: “All my kids know about LGBTQ. And I’m very proud of them all. Knowing it doesn’t matter who you go out with as long has that person treats you right.”

But Carol Barrow said: “This should be on a need to know basis and primary school age children don’t need to know about such things. Let them just enjoy their childhood while they can. They can learn about LGBT+ at high school when they are old enough to understand, together with sex education and Biology in general. Although ideally these subjects should be discussed at home, without being homophobic, biased or judgemental in any way.”

Jeanette Womacka said: “Something as sensitive as this should be taught by parents if they choose, not education. It would be more beneficial to teach them about grooming gangs to keep them safe.”

Gemma Bennett added: “Noooo definitely not. They don’t need more reasons to seperate from each other. They are children so let them be children without learning labels. Sexuality should come in with growing up, sex education, and I also think they should have relationship advice too - at high school age. I also think they should be taught by male and female groups as well as together. I would 100% back psychology as a proper GCSE subject too. It’s all good knowing you maths and English but if kids grew up knowing a bit of human behaviour they may have more understanding of one another.”

Helen C Wheeldon said: “No, children are naturally curious, and will ask questions when they are ready. I think it would be better to instead give parents materials that will help them explain at a time that is right for their children.”

Andrea Elizabeth Dring commented: “My five year old knows that anyone can love anyone, she is aware that boys and girls can wear any clothes/makeup etc of their chosing. We don’t put labels on it yet we just talk about acceptance and love. I do believe education should include different types of people/relationships etc, but as a normal part of life, not a sit down and understand the differences so they think its a questionable behaviour.”

Becky Millington said: “Why do the failings of society become issues for the education system to deal with? Parental responsibility is where this should land.”

Anthony Hilbert added: “You think primary school children don’t hear words on the news and want to know what they mean? You think no kid will have a gay couple among their parents’ friends? Ignorance is not innocence.”