Prison creates green oil

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A PRISON has turned its chips into power for charity with an oil recycling programme.

HMP New Hall has been working with eco-firm Living Fuels to recycle waste oil from their kitchen into a renewable bioliquid that can be turned into electricity.

And as the highest generating prison in Yorkshire, New Hall was able to select Help for Heroes as the charity for Living Fuels to make a charitable donation to.

Governor Peter Smith, prison performance manager, said: “This has been an excellent opportunity to contribute to a renewable energy project in which all parties benefit from what would normally have been a waste product that we would have paid to have removed.”

The oil is collected by Living Fuels who recover it into a 100 per cent natural and renewable bioliquid without the use of chemicals.

This is then fed through standard diesel engines and turned into electricity for the National Grid.

One litre of oil can produce enough electricity to power an energy saving light bulb for 225 hours, run a plasma computer for 50 hours, or a DVD player for 440 hours.