Professional cake maker slams TV shows like Bake Off for creating amateurs who moan about her prices

A professional cake-maker has said TV shows like Bake Off have produced a generation of amateur cooks - who moan at her about her prices.

Wednesday, 6th September 2017, 6:27 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:43 pm

Teraza Connock, 33, took to Facebook to vent her anger at people who make cakes cheaply at home - then accuse of being too expensive.

She says amateurs often make a cake for around ten pounds then complain at why professionals charge much more.

Tereza, of Cranmore, Somerset, posted her views on Facebook - saying she barely makes minimum wage despite all her hard work.

Her post has now gone viral and backed by many pro cooks.

She later said part of the problem are TV shows like Bake Off which have created a new generation of part time bakers.

The post on her 'T's All Occasion Cakes' page has been liked and shared nearly 3,000 times.

She wrote: "What upsets me is when people post 'how it only cost them £10 and how expensive it would be if you got one made professionally.

"I sit and I read them and I'm made to feel like some extortionist. I can assure you I am not!!

"What I don't understand is - you won't go to a seamstress and expect to only pay for the material, nor will you call out a plumber and expect to just pay for the parts.

"So why is it different for a cake maker?

''When I read all the comments about how it's cheaper to do it yourself (of course it is!! that's true with pretty much everything) and a professional will charge a fortune, I start questioning everything, because in reality most of the time I barely make minimum wage!

''AND YES! that's the bit most people forget when you want a cake made professionally you have to pay for their TIME!

''Not only are you paying for their time but most bakers use top ingredients and not ready made cake mix.

''So the cost of ingredients will be higher too! Here is a little break down of exactly how much I spend and how long a simple/ish 8" cake actually takes. And I truly hope this helps everyone understand why we charge what we do.

''Just let me end it with a simple question for you to think about. - If in your job this was the hours you'd done and expenses you had to pay out, how much would you expect to be paid?''

Speaking today (Weds), she added: ''"Because it's my job I get really upset - they're not factoring in the 10 or 12 hours it takes.

"Some of these TV shows like Bake Off make it look like it can be done in an hour.

"It's people who think they are good at baking and in their eyes the cake is going to be good.

"I hope people appreciate the handiwork that goes into professional cake making.

"With all these TV shows it's inspiring people to go out and have a go and make their own kids birthday cakes but they are then realising the time it takes."

Fellow bakers took to her Facebook page to support her.

"You can never put a price on the artistry and flair that it takes to produce such wonderful creations," wrote one.

"When it comes to crafting and creative work people don't see the time it takes to get that professional finish," said another.

One supporter said: "I would rather pay more for a quality cake both by how it looks and how it tastes than the horrible supermarket clone cake yuk."

"I run my own cake making business from home and people's attitudes make me feel like giving it all up!" said another.

Teraza, mum-of-four, who runs her cake-making business from her kitchen, has been crafting intricate designs for clients for more than three years.

Making everything from wedding to novelty cakes, Teraza's cheapest offering is a six inch sponge priced at £40.

Her cake themes include Peppa Pig, Minions, Rapunzel and Minnie Mouse - and she has never turned away a customer's request, no matter how difficult it is to make.

Teraza's husband Lee, who works as an engineer, even makes his wife's cake stands and is currently crafting a Santa Clause design.