Protest against flat block

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A DECISION to replace 16 bungalows with 32 flats in the city centre has been deferred over parking concerns.

A petition of 173 signatures was given to Wakefield Council’s planning department in objection to plans for a block of 32 apartments on Thornhill Street.

If approved the plans would see a four-storey high building built on the former site of 16 bungalows.

The plans were reduced after public consultations last year, when residents protested at plans for a five-storey high building.

But the plans put before the council this week were still slammed by residents who say it would add to already strained parking provision in the area.

Speaking at the planning meeting Khalid Hussain, of New Wells Terrace, said: “This part of Wakefield is overdeveloped – there is no further demand here.

“Parking and traffic issues are already at a critical point and this will just contribute further to these issues.

“We think this land should serve its original purpose and be used as accommodation for elderly people.”

The planning committee deferred their decision pending further inquiries into parking provision.

But Coun Geoff Walsh said the need for housing in the city was more important.

Coun Walsh said: “If there is not enough parking at the site and people are not allowed street permits this will cause all sorts of conflict.

“Although there are problems to address with this, the need for affordable housing outweighs those and I would support it.”