Pukka puds for Jamie’s King’s lesson

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HE’S tackled childhood obesity, unruly school pupils and whipped up “pukka” restaurant style dinners in half an hour.

And this week celebrity chef Jamie Oliver visited a pub in Heath to ask the question which has divided a county for decades.

Are Yorkshire puddings eaten separately before a meal as a starter, or on a plate with the meat, vegetables and roast potatoes?

On Monday Jamie and his film crew went to The King’s Arms to sample chef Kevin King’s puds.

Mr King, 46, said: “Personally I prefer Yorkshire puddings for my starter and again for my main course.”

But he wasn’t phased by the multi-millionaire.

Mr King, who has more than 20 years’ cooking experience, said: “Cooking Yorkshire Pudding for him was the same as cooking anyone else and he seemed to quite enjoy them.

“We talked about the rights and wrongs of mixing them, and other ways they can go wrong.

The show, which has not been given a title, is set to be screened this autumn on Channel 4.

Mr King said: “The programme is about the Industrial Revolution.

“Given the fact that Wakefield is on the border of West and South Yorkshire with cotton mills and coalfields next door to each other it was a perfect place to come.”

Also in the pub was the chairman of Warmfield-cum-Heath Parish Council, Joe Fisher.

He said: “In the past Yorkshire puddings used to be served as a starter because people didn’t have much money.

“The idea was you filled up on them before eating your meat and vegetables.

“It was great to meet Jamie, he’s very down to earth.

“Heath Common is a beautiful place with the horses and the fields, which lent itself very well to the programme.”