Pupils delighted with advent treats

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Youngsters at Three Lane Ends Academy in Castleford were delighted when they were presented with an advent calendar, thanks to the PeelsAppeal campaign.

More than 400 calendars were handed over to the school by Louise Peel who set up the initiative to help disadvantaged children four years ago. She has collected hundreds of the chocolate treats, which have all been distributed to children in schools, refuges, hospitals and children’s centres.

Louise came up with the idea for #Peelsappeal back in 2014. In the first year, she collected 300 calendars - and then went on to donate more than double that figure the following year. By 2016, she was aiming for 1,000 calendars and this year, she went even higher, with a target of 3,000. Louise said: “Having an advent calendar is something that I think so many of us take for granted. For various reasons such as financial difficulties, family difficulties or ill health so many children will not receive an advent calendar but we can change that. If it can bring some joy to disadvantaged youngsters, then it’s worth it.”