Puppies found dumped in alleyway

Puppies found dumped in Horbury on October 12.'Photograph by Bob Oakes.
Puppies found dumped in Horbury on October 12.'Photograph by Bob Oakes.
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THESE two puppies were found soaking wet and shivering after being cruelly dumped in an alleyway in Horbury.

The young terrier-types were crawling with fleas when a member of the public found them in a cardboard box behind The Salvation Army, on Peel Street, earlier this month.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Opyrsk said the two females, which have been named Hiccup and Iccle, were discovered in a “very sad state”.

She said: ““The box was totally soaked through, and the puppies were very cold and wet. We don’t know how long they’d been there.

“They shouldn’t have been separated from their mum until they were eight weeks old and their condition was such that the first 24 hours were touch-and-go.”

Following two weeks of tender loving care at the RSPCA Halifax and Huddersfield branch, the puppies have made a good recovery.

Insp Opyrsk added: “They’ve come on in leaps and bounds.

“They’ve almost doubled in size since they came in to the RSPCA, sleep through the night and are almost house-trained.

“It’s a testament to the wonderful work of the fosterer.”

The puppies were found at around 11am on Wednesday, October 12.

They will be put up for adoption over the next two weeks.

Anyone with information about who dumped the puppies should call the 24-hour cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.

And anyone interested in offering the puppies a home is asked to keep an eye on the RSPCA Halifax and Huddersfield branch website, at www.rspca-halifax.org.uk