Queen, The Beatles, Pulp Fiction and hatchbacks the choice of UK 30-somethings

Queen is a favourite with people in their 30s.Queen is a favourite with people in their 30s.
Queen is a favourite with people in their 30s.
The average British thirtysomething likes Queen and The Beatles, drives a hatchback, and has managed to salt away £4,300 in savings, according to a new poll.

The research, based on interviews with 2,000 people aged between 30 and 35 for Nationwide Savings, also reported that £343 a month in disposable income went towards two meals out and one cinema trip per month, with all-time favourite flicks including Dirty Dancing and Pulp Fiction.

Typically, the respondents had spent more than three years saving for a house deposit, although 28 per cent of those surveyed would want to put some of their pay packet towards a holiday abroad. Other payday expenditure included, for 37 per cent, splashing out on clothing, while 35 per cent said they would have a meal out and 32 per cent would want to head for the pub.

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Thirtysomethings’ favourite TV shows were found to include Friends, The X Factor and Come Dine With Me. And although they watch more than 11 hours of television a week, they will also read on average seven books a year.

Their musical tastes are a mix of old and new, with Queen, the Beatles and Bon Jovi sitting alongside Rihanna and Lady Gaga among their favourite music acts. It seems that the thirtysomethings’ teenage memories stayed with Oasis, ranking 10th on the favourites list while old rivals Blur failed to make the top 10.

As for choice of car, a hatchback such as a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa was a common choice.

However, 70 per cent of those surveyed said their pay packet went on rent and bills.

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46 per cent of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their chosen career, but 55 per cent felt underpaid. Nearly one in five (19 per cent) people were unhappy with their career.

Asked about their regrets, many people surveyed said that they wished they had saved more money, or travelled more.

According to the Nationwide Savings poll, a typical Briton aged 30-35:

*Is married or in a relationship

*Lives with their partner/spouse

*Has been in a relationship for around seven years

*Has £343 per month of disposable income

*Spends most of their money on rent and bills

*Wants to spend their earnings on clothing and technology

*Goes to pubs over clubs

*Takes one long holiday a year

*Has £4,300 in savings

*Drives a hatchback

*Reads seven books a year

*Watches TV for 11.5 hours a week

*Has two disagreements with their partner per month

*Has spent more than three years saving for a house deposit

*Is, overall, optimistic about their future

30s’ top 10 musical acts:


*The Beatles

*Take That

*Bon Jovi


*Lady Gaga

*Foo Fighters

*Green Day

*Red Hot Chili Peppers


Top 10 films:

:Dirty Dancing

*Home Alone

*The Shawshank Redemption

*Pretty Woman

*The Goonies

*The Lion King

*Pulp Fiction

*Jurassic Park

*Mrs Doubtfire

*Back to the Future

Top 10 TV shows:


*The Big Bang Theory

*Britain’s Got Talent

*The X Factor


*Game of Thrones

*Come Dine with Me

*Breaking Bad

*The Simpsons

*Match of the Day.

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