Racist spat in woman’s face on the 100 Wakefield to Eastmoor bus

Godfrey Bignell. w302b236
Godfrey Bignell. w302b236

A MAN racially abused a woman on a bus and then spat in her face, a court heard.

Godfrey Bignell, 60, shouted and screamed at the woman on the 100 Wakefield to Eastmoor service.

Prosecutor Richard Ogden told city magistrates Bignell insulted the victim while on the bus on September 12.

The driver asked if she was ok but she was only able to shake her head as Bignell, who had been drinking, was sitting in front of her.

The bus journey continued as did Bignell’s racist behaviour. He spat in her face as the bus pulled into the terminus at Eastmoor.

The court heard how in a separate case Bignell had threatened a neighbour while she was hanging out washing on September 6.

She feared for her safety and ran into a garden to get away from him.

On September 13 police saw Bignell in Brook Street, Wakefield, with an open can of lager which he is barred from having by an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

Bignell, of Harewood Road, Eastmoor, admitted racially aggravated assault and three breaches of his Asbo.

Linda Wood, mitigating, told the bench: “You’ve seen from Mr Bignell’s demeanour. When he is sober he has perfect manners.”

Mrs Wood advocated a curfew order, saying Bignell’s appearances in public while in drink needed to be severely curtailed.

Magistrate James Barnett said the obvious choice would be to jail Bignell.

He asked him why he shouldn’t do that.

Bignell said he’d prefer a curfew and pledged to cut down on his drinking.

Bignell was sentenced to a 24-week daily curfew order to run from noon until 9pm. He must also pay £85 costs. Mr Barnett told Bignell: “Breach the order you go to prison, simple as that.”

Bignell said: “I’ve got the Scarborough warning this time. I will behave myself, sir.”