Reader letter: Looking for my dad

I have had a long desire to know something about my father Thomas Hart.

Friday, 13th November 2015, 1:58 pm
Thomas Hart

I was born in 1941 and never knew him.

My mother passed away a few years ago now and, apart from some photographs, she didn’t say much about him.

But she did mention that he came from the Castleford/Featherstone area and his mother had remarried and became a Mrs Hemingway after his father had died.

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She met him in York around 1938/39 on a day out from the RAF camp at Lintonon-Ouse.

He was ground staff and in the concert parties at the camp and also in the military band at the time.

For about two or three years they were together and did get engaged.

After war broke out in 1939 things altered and in 1940 he was moved to Kingstown RAF camp near Carlisle.

Mother tried to follow but could not find work and, as she was not his wife, had to return home to York.

Things now get very blurred - I assume he was sent abroad and she lost contact.

I am not sure if he was ever aware of my existence.

I would love to know if he ever married and maybe I have half siblings somewhere.

If so, I would love to meet them and talk about him and discover just what he was like.

Gillian Taylor

Manor Garth, York