Real splash of Spanish culture brought to Lightwaves by artists from Madrid

Artists transform Lightwaves Leisure Centre
Artists transform Lightwaves Leisure Centre

A blank leisure centre wall was turned into a colourful message by Spanish artists.

They teamed up with Lightwaves Community Trust and even passers-by to create the graffiti wall on the side of Lightwaves Leisure Centre.

More than 200 people joined in with the project on Lower York Street, off Marsh Way, on Friday.

Youngsters used spray cans to write graffiti messages of hope on the wall.

And then an outline of the words ‘Dreamers Unite’ was peeled off to leave behind the message in colourful writing.

The project was coordinated by Madrid-based artists Boa Mistura, made up of five friends who use graffiti to transform public buildings across the world.

Pablo Ferreiro from Boa Mistura said: “Dreamers Unite is our gift to Wakefield and we hope that we have left a positive memory for those who participated.”

The project was part of the Amazing Streets and Spaces programme being commissioned across the city by Beam - owners of The Ornagery, on Back Lane.

Beam director Robert Powell said: “We are delighted with the artwork and would like to thank the Lightwaves Community Trust, Boa Mistura, all the groups who participated and everyone who herlped create this vibrant new artwork.”

The end result represents a “wall of thoughts”.