Record numbers of people turning for help from Wakefield homeless charity

Kevin Dobson, the project manager of CAP, Wakefield
Kevin Dobson, the project manager of CAP, Wakefield

Record numbers of people are seeking help from a charity that helps some of the most vulnerable people in the city

On Wednesday 87 people went to the Community Awareness Project (CAP) office on Wood Street.

The level of demand for CAP services has shocked project manager Kevin Dobson who fears the number of people will continue to rise through winter.

He said: “It is alarming, the numbers are going crazy.

“For the past 18 months we have been averaging about 48 people a day. In October that average shot up to 72. On Wednesday we saw 87 clients.

“Every single person that walks through the doors is clearly in acute financial difficulty – no-one would choose to come here.”

To get assistance from CAP people have to be referred by the council, job centres, and other organisations.

Mr Dobson said: “There are a myriad of reasons why people end up here – family bereavement, redundancy, illness, debt problems.

“People often have a stereotypical image of the type of person we help but it’s normal people, the people that live on your street.

“One Wednesday one of the people we helped was a young lad who was in his twenties. A few months ago he had everything – a house, car, a family. There was a sudden death in the family. His world fell apart and he ended up coming here because he had nowhere else.”

CAP is hoping to move to bigger premises in the city centre to cope with demand.

It costs £140,000 to run each year and they urgently need more funding.

To contact CAP call 01924 381119.