Recycling will be made easier say council ...

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Changes to the way recycling is collected across the district will be introduced next year.

Homeowners will no longer need to use their recycling boxes but instead put their recycling into three bins.

The changes come after the council passed plans for a new waste collection system at a meeting on Tuesday.

The decision was approved so that the council could comply with new legislation which will be brought in on January 1.

It means people will use three bins: one to recycle cardboard, glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles; a second for general household waste; and a third for garden waste.

The changes will be brought in from spring 2015.

Letters explaining the changes will be sent out to homeowners next week.

Coun Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for environment and communities, said:“We want to make it easier for people to recycle and have listened to residents’ feedback about the box.

“Our 25 year partnership with Shanks Waste Management has allowed us to develop the fantastic new recycling plant at South Kirkby, which means jobs for the area not only at the moment during construction, but permanently when it starts operations.

“We have carried out trials of the new system in a number of areas across the district and it has been well received.”

The changes will also mean that some people will have a change of bin day, which will be finalised in February.

The new legislation requires all councils to collect glass, metals, plastics and paper and cardboard separately from each other – meaning homes would have six different bins or boxes.

However, the council demonstrated that the proposals were not practical so it is not legally obliged to introduce the system.