Residents Against Rudd Quarry Extension to hold public meeting

A public meeting will be held next week to discuss the latest information on the Rudd Quarry planning application.

The Residents Against Rudd Quarry Extension group will be holding the meeting at Lee Brig WMC on Wednesday, October 24 at 7.30pm.

READ: Community fights against plan for quarry expansionThe group have invited the leader of Wakefield Council as well as the local MP.

It is also hoped a representative of Normanton Town Council will be present along with WMDC councillors.

Braithwaite Excavations is seeking planing permission to extend Rudd Quarry, on Green Belt land off Newland Lane, north of the current quarry and Normanton Brickworks.

READ: Hundreds objecting to quarry planAround 700,000 tonnes of fireclay and brickshale will be extracted over 14 years, planning documents submitted by Silkstone Environmental Ltd state

Paul Dainton, president of environmental campaign group RATS, said findings show that the air quality close to the site is breaking EU laws, which will be debated at the meeting as well as updates regarding the planning application and the next steps of the group.