Revealed: the UK's most-loved pancake topping

Revealed: the UK's most-loved pancake topping

Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:48 pm

It’s Shrove Tuesday - traditionally the day in the religious calendar which precedes Lent.

However, for many of us, it’s the day that we gorge ourselves on pancakes - even if we’re not planning on fasting for Lent.

And yes, according to a study by Wren Kitchens (, Britons will consume on average three pancakes today, though 5 per cent of us will indulge in a pile of eight.

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But what will we be topping these tasty traditional treats with? The survey of 2,000 Brits reveals that nearly half of us will be adorning our pancakes with the classic option of lemon and sugar (43 per cent).

The next most popular toppings are chocolate spread (10 per cent), golden syrup (8 per cent), Canadian classic maple syrup (7 per cent), and ice-cream (5 per cent).

But while our favourite pancakes may be of the sweet and sour variety, do we need to get a bit more adventurous and add some extra zest to our pancakes this Shrove Tuesday?

If you fancy a twist on these classic toppings, these tried and tested ideas may get your mouth watering:

A twist on lemon and sugar

Add raspberries for an extra layer of tangy sweetness, or grate lemon zest into the batter, and top with whipped lemon ricotta for an impressive dinner party dessert.

Seriously good chocolate spread

Melt dark chocolate and white chocolate together and drizzle over strawberries for a seriously indulgent pancake stack.

Oat-ily delicious golden syrup

This sticky treat is a common ingredient in flapjacks, so couple it with oat pancakes or add a sprinkle of granola to your topping for a crunchy finish.

Maple syrup: Fruits of the forest

Fresh dark forest fruits, such as blackberries and cherries, work perfectly with maple syrup-soaked pancakes, as do walnuts for a smoky flavour.

Bittersweet ice cream

Enjoy a spin on the classic ice cream sundae by making banana pancakes topped with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream, or enjoy an adult twist with coffee flavoured pancakes and Irish cream ice cream.