Revealed: Your top ten commuter hates

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The commute to and from work is a daily requirement nobody can avoid.

Not only is it something many unenthusiastically approach, but a study carried out by Get Living London, suggested Britons spend more than a year of their lives travelling to and from their workplace.

Forty-five per cent of British workers are believed to place a shorter commute at top priority regards moving home.

Clearly the location of a person’s home is imperative to where it is your work is based.

And a further 47 per cent say they would not be prepared to earn cash anywhere that was ‘too far’.

The survey, which included opinions from 2,000 adults, found the following top 10 hates for commuters.

Top 10 commuter hates

1 - ‘Traffic Jams’ – 52 per cent of commuters despise these delays.

2 - ‘Delays to the transport network’ – More than a quarter of commuters (26 per cent) can’t bare spontaneous and planned delays to the network.

3 - ‘The cost’ – 22 per cent are unhappy with the cost. And it continues to rise.

4 - ‘The monotony of the same journey day in, day out’ – 21 per cent

5 - ‘The busyness’ – 14 per cent argue transport is just too busy.

6 - ‘Having to stand up because there are no spare seats’ – 12 per cent

7 - ‘People talking loudly on the phone’ – 12 per cent

8 - ‘Fellow travellers with bad personal hygiene’ – 12 per cent

9 - ‘Being packed in like sardines’ – 11 per cent

10 - ‘Queuing’ – Even though Brits are recognised across the world for their queuing, 10 per cent say they hate it.