Riding out on a horse in a starspangled rodeo - Singing Chip man Tony Fascione lives the Nashville dream

Tony Fascione in Nashville
Tony Fascione in Nashville
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A singer has gone from performing in front of the fryer at his chip shop to living out his dream in Nashville.

Tony Fascione, also known as the Singing Chip Man, has flown to the home of country and western music to work with the best in the business.

Mr Fascione, who runs Tony’s of Outwood, on Leeds Road, has teamed up with female vocalist Dice Phoenix to record his latest single of the Christina Aguilera’s Say Something.

Speaking from Tennessee yesterday, Mr Fascione, 37, said: “Being here and performing in Nashville is one of my life long ambitions.

“I have met some wonderful people and am really looking forward to carrying on the promotion when we get home.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the support of my fans back home. I look forward to sharing in more detail my experiences here and announcing the release of new my single.”

Unlike some singers, Tony hasn’t shot to fame through a TV talent show.

Instead he has put in the hard work doing gigs around his home town.

In December his single, This Christmas Time, peaked at number four in Amazon’s country downloads and number one in their country new release chart.

At one point he was selling more downloads than country music mega star Taylor Swift.

His manager Andrew Beverley, of 360 Artist Development, said: “So far this week we have hooked up with a multimillion selling songwriter who will be working with 360 moving forward.

“We’ve also lined up a meeting with a top manager in the Nashville music scene.

“Tony has recorded loads of new material and filmed some promotional videos.”

Say Something will be released later this month.

To watch the video, which was recorded in Nashville earlier this month, search for it on YouTube.

To keep up to date with Tony and all his latest news, gigs and releases, search for him on Facebook.