Road closure ‘no solution’

WESTFIELD Road residents clearly have genuine concerns over abuses of the one-way system (Express, March 8).

Nevertheless, road closure is not a ‘solution’. Road closure denies access for the majority legitimately using this route.

Again, it seems the majority will suffer due to the actions of the minority. What action has so far be taken to deter those abusing the one way system?

If we are unable to deal with law breakers, then use other traffic restrictions.

For example, a compression barrier would force traffic to flow in one direction only. Certainly, imaginative solutions exist to keep the road open while solving residents’ concerns.

Closure will force all West End traffic, including that from any new development, to join lengthy queues at Cross Hills.

Moreover, in creating a Westfield Road cul-de-sac won’t two way entry and exit traffic reproduce the same safety concerns? Access for emergency vehicles is also now hindered.

Certainly, past West End traffic ‘solutions’ have proved ineffective, such as speed humps in Regent Street, while Regent Street backs were for a while unhindered.

Reactionary traffic measures have often been applied to specific areas without any examination of there wider consequences.

Westfield Road cannot be viewed in isolation.

There have been many changes effecting traffic flow, such as the Cedars complex or Tescos. The forthcoming development of the West End is now an ideal opportunity to wholly review traffic issues.

Indeed, while acknowledging safety, speed and flow, the West End could have additional entry and exit changes beneficial for all not just the few.

D Briggs

Pannal Close