Roll on Thursday for Wakefield beer festival

Wakefield Beer Festival - The Space on Waldorf Way. (W543K345)
Wakefield Beer Festival - The Space on Waldorf Way. (W543K345)

The biggest temporary bar in Wakefield will open its doors at noon on Thursday November 6.

The 24th annual Wakefield Beer Festival will feature 110 beers over three days at The Space on Waldorf Way.

The focus will be on local breweries and ales from the Celtic Fringe of Britain.

Bob Wallis, of the Wakefield branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, said: “In addition we try to feature beers from the breweries visited by our branch over the preceding year, and also to have a theme to our selection from further afield.

“This year it’s the Celtic Fringe. Revolutions Brewing, of Castleford, regularly deliver their beers to Scotland and will be returning with a good load for us. Buster Grant, a kilt-wearing Scotsman, who runs Brecon Brewing in Mid-Wales will be filling his van with Brecon brews and the beers of other dedicated brewers in the principality.”

“Across the Irish Sea come beers from the Isle of Man, and ciders come from Cornwall, and from Brittany.

“Earlier in the year when our festival was planned we’d hoped for some boxes of Rosquijeau from Brittany. It has gone down a storm with cider drinkers over here and sold out completely for this year. Thanks to Bier Huis, of Ossett, for early birds we do have a few bottles of this cidre from Finistère, probably the last until this autumn’s harvest has been processed.”

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