Romanians facing deportation after cash machine scam in Normanton

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Two Romanians face being deported after using a scam to steal money from a supermarket cash machine, a court heard.

CCTV captured Gabriel Butnaru placing a special device over a cash machine outside the Co-op store on West Street, Normanton, at 2.35pm on Monday.

Once a customer had tried to use the machine, Butnaru, 25, returned, and removed the device which contained a bank card and copy of the pin number.

He gave it to fellow national Dorel Rusu, 30, who used the card to withdraw £300.

The pair were arrested by police the next day.

Both men pleaded guilty to fraud when they appeared at Wakefield Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall said that when police arrested them, Rusu had £917 in cash on him, while Butnaru had £30.

Officers also discovered clothing, which linked them to the CCTV footage, at their home on Midland Street, in Huddersfield.

Chris Morton, representing Butnaru, said his client had only been in the country for two weeks and had not benefitted from the cash.

Rusu had been living in England for two months and had previously worked as a construction worker.

The court heard that immigration papers had been served on them both and the case was adjourned for police records from other EU countries to be obtained.

They were both remanded in custody until Wednesday, April 3.