Rooftop protest by parrotman

Gary Field rooftop protest in Eastmoor
Gary Field rooftop protest in Eastmoor

A MAN dressed as a giant parrot staged a bizarre rooftop protest over the standard of repairs to his house.

Hundreds of people saw Gary Field, 52, get in a flap over the state of the plastering at the two-storey Wakefield District Housing (WDH) owned property on Tuesday lunchtime.

Residents, school children and the emergency services witnessed Mr Field take to the slates in Warmfield Wiew, Eastmoor.

He unfurled a protest banner about WDH and contractors Bullocks, which he hitched to a TV aerial.

Nearly 700 people have seen footage of his 90-minute rooftop demo on video-sharing website YouTube.

But Mr Field was talked down from the roof by police and was ushered to safety by firefighters at 1.47pm. No arrest was made.

Mr Field said : “I said to the police, ‘All I want is my plastering doing and then I’ll come down’. It was designed to tell them I’m at the end of my tether. That enough is enough.

“I didn’t see it as being irresponsible. It was just my way of putting a point over.”

Neighbours Michael Webb, 63, of Warmfield View and Kevin Javens, 46, of nearby Queen Elizabeth Road, also complained about shoddy work done at their homes.

But Martyn Gorton, WDH’s Service Director – Investment said: “Our major improvement work to modernise properties on Warmfield View is still ongoing. As a result, some minor work to properties, including repairs to plasterwork, is still required. It goes without saying that all outstanding work will be completed to the usual high standard that over 25,000 of our tenants are already enjoying.”