Roundabout at Snowhill site

27th January 2010.'Stock picture'Picture: A650 Dual Carriageway Traffic
27th January 2010.'Stock picture'Picture: A650 Dual Carriageway Traffic

A NEW roundabout will be built as the city prepares to accommodate thousands of homes at Snowhill.

Wakefield Council has approved plans for a roundabout on the A650, between Paragon Business Park and the junction with Leeds Road.

It is designed to help improve traffic flow in the area, which will become more congested when the development of 1,234 homes, shops and leisure facilities is complete.

The Yorkcourt Properties scheme, which would bring 3,000 jobs to the city, was approved by a planning committee in October last year.

And in planning documents submitted to the council, developers said the new roundabout would improve flow and take pressure off the roundabout at Paragon Business Park, which is already very busy.

A planning report said: “The proposed roundabout has sufficient capacity to accommodate the updated forecast peak-hour traffic flows as a result of the Yorkcourt planning application. The impact will also be to reassign traffic movements away from the busier Paragon Business Park roundabout.”

The roundabout has been planned for several years, but has had to be reviewed as plans for developing the area have progressed.

Although the Yorkcourt scheme was approved last year, some councillors voted against it due to traffic concerns.

Residents also objected, claiming that the new site would result in an extra 1,000 vehicles arriving and leaving the site daily. The Snowhill plan is the largest single development within the council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) plan, which was finally approved in the autumn after several years of consultation.

Around 10,000 new homes have been planned for the Wakefield area by 2022.