Ryan in US spotlight

Ryan Spendlove
Ryan Spendlove
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AN acoustic singer-songwriter jetted off to the States this week to record his second album.

Ryan Spendlove, of Gawthorpe, stirred up a bit of a following in the Chicago area after recording his first album Fable with the Candyrat label over there last year.

And this week he left for a month-long American tour which will take him to eastern cities including Indianapolis, Kansas City and New Orleans.

Ryan, who played with The Blueskins until they split in 2008, said it had been a big year for him.

He scontinued: “I do have a bit of a following over there – I’ll be seeing many of the people I met last time I was over there and others who have heard about me from record labels.

“I count myself very lucky to be part of Candyrat – they are lovely people.”

Ryan recorded his first album in three days – and said he would stay on after the tour to get his follow-up effort recorded.

He said: “I’m pretty sure my songs are getting better over time so I’m really looking forward to it.

“It’s hard to describe the style but it hasn’t changed much – it’s still quite chilled-out acoustic stuff.

“Things are looking great so far and times are very exciting. The support I’ve had from people has been truly amazing.”

The Blueskins song Change My Mind was featured on a television advertisement for Lynx shower gel in 2003.

Ryan said he still enjoys performing solo gigs in the Wakefield.

For more information about the tour and his next album, visit www.candyrat.com/artists/Ry anSpendlove