Sadistic murderer carried out revenge killings - he forced girlfriend to watch as he stabbed her sister and her friend

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A “SADISTIC” murderer stabbed his ex girlfriend’s sister and friend to death in a revenge attack.

Ahmad Otak, 22, was sentenced to a minimum of 34 years in jail at Leeds Crown Court today. (Friday)

Floral tributes to Kimberly Frank and Samantha Sykes outside the flats where they were discovered on Barden Road, Eastmoor,Wakefield

Floral tributes to Kimberly Frank and Samantha Sykes outside the flats where they were discovered on Barden Road, Eastmoor,Wakefield

Otak pleaded guilty to the murder Samantha Sykes, 18, and Kimberley Frank, 17, on March 9 this year.

The court heard that Kimberley’s sister Elisa Frank had been in a violent and controlling relationship with the Afghan asylum seeker since 2008.

Earlier this year she got the courage to end that relationship despite Otak’s threats to kill her family and friends.

On March 9 this year he met Elisa and Kimberley in Wakefield and agreed to return Elisa’s cat to her at her sister’s flat where she had been staying since they split up.

He went round to the flat on Barden Road, Eastmoor armed with a carving knife he had bought from The Ridings earlier that day.

Prosecutor Richard Mansell QC said: “As soon as Otak had entered Kimberley Frank’s flat he asked Elisa again whether she was sure that she would not get back with him. She said definitely not.

“He remained in the flat for a few minutes, talking. All three walked into the hallway, at which point Otak suddenly attacked Kimberley Frank with the knife.

“He stabbed and slashed at her repeatedly with the knife in a frenzied attack.

“Elisa tried to help her sister but was powerless to assist.”

Otak then tied Elisa’s legs and wrists together with an electrical flex. Then he forced her to call friend Samantha Sykes to come around to the flat.

Mr Mansell QC said: “As Samantha entered the hallway of the flat he attacked her with the knife, stabbing and slashing at her repeatedly, while Elisa Frank sat tied up in the living room unable to help her friend.”

Afterwards Otak forced Elisa into Samantha’s car and drove down to Dover, planning to leave the country on a ferry to France.

But Elisa managed to escape with the help of an illegal immigrant from Iran. She alerted Kent Police who called their colleagues in West Yorkshire.

During the early hours of March 10 officers went round to Kimberley’s flat and discovered the bodies.

Jonathan Turner QC, mitigating, said Otak had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when he committed the murder but he accepted full responsibility for his actions.

Mr Justice Coulson, passing sentence today (Friday), said: “You repaid the generosity of the authorities and tax payers of this country by murdering two of its citizens in a carefully planned and cold-blooded way.

“You claimed humanitarian protection but you showed yourself incapable of being a human being.”

The High Court Judge said Otak behaved in a “sadistic “ and “animalistic” way.

After the case senior investigating officer, Det Chief Insp Simon Atkinson, said: “While today’s sentences will not bring back either Samantha or Kimberley they will ensure that a very dangerous man rightly spends a very long time in prison.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the remarkable bravery and dignity shown by the families of both Samantha and Kimberley.”