Shadow minister visits Red Shed

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell visited the Red Shed, where he spoke to members of Wakefield Labour Club earlier this month.

The MP spoke about the events of the past year and made a call for unity in the Labour Party before answering questions from members.

His speech covered issues from fair tax systems to social housing, universal education and care for the elderly.

The visit, on October 9, saw Mr McDonnell talk about the economy, saying that if every organisation paid its way through the tax system that money would be available for public services. He stated that the tax avoidance system in this country was ‘scandalous’ and said a fairer settlement for local government was needed to provide the services required for the growing number of elderly and the needs of disabled people.

He also outlined plans to include Labour’s 600,000 members in creating policy. John was thanked by club president George Denton, who presented him with a Red Shed t-shirt and glass.