Should fireworks be banned and only used at organised public displays? Here’s what you think

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A call by animal charity the RSPCA for restrictions on fireworks ahead of November 5 sparked reaction by our readers,

The RSPCA said it receives hundreds of calls every year from pet owners worried about fireworks.

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In 2013 the they received 367 calls regarding fireworks, which has steadily risen to a peak of 501 in 2017 - over the last five years this amounts to more than 2,000 calls.

The RSPCA now wants to see the private use of fireworks restricted to certain days; November 5, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali, as new studies show 38 per cent of dogs feel fear at loud noises including fireworks.

We asked you what thought about fireworks being banned and only used at professional displays. Here’s what you said:

Kirsty Blower agreed. She said: “Yes. We had idiots in the actual road last year letting them off, and someone let some off right under my front window. Should only be organised displays and then pet owners can plan accordingly.”

Catherine Wood said: “Yes I do it’s all year round and they don’t think of people who have dogs. My two Labs are terrified.”

Netty Smith added: “I’m mixed on this. I agree that some absolute imbeciles get hold of them but there are sensible people that buy them. There are people that work ungodly hours who can’t get to displays with their children so have just a few at home at an appropriate time. I’m 50/50 on this.”

Louise Asquith also agreed. She said: “Yes, too many numptys using them so not safe, plus for indoor snf outdoor animals they are scary.”

Toni Williams said: “Definately, will stop idiots letting them off whenever and wherever they like.”

Norma Matthews said: “If it’s only one day that’s fine but it goes on for about a week, that’s why all animals are frightened. It used to last just one night when we were kids.”

Vandra Bannister said: “I’m 50/50 over this. They should bring laws in as to when people are allowed to set them off, because too many are going off all hours and too early. Plus think about pets and how frightening it is for them.”

Kyrah Foley added: “Yes. It would save the nhs money because there wouldn’t be as many accidents. Also people with PTSD, anxiety, autism and other conditions wouldn’t have to be terrified of the noise or the fear that one could be pushed through their letter box. It’s also not just one night of the year, they started here last week and I assume it will only get worse as it gets closer to bonfire night. Lastly, wildlife and and pets are often terrified by the bangs. My dogs are rescues and are terrified of fireworks, if fireworks must be used then silent ones are preferred.”

Anne-Marie Wiggins Giles said: “Yes because there are too many frightened animals out there people setting them off at all Hours waking kids up should just be for one night only not spread over a week.”

Lillian Armstrong added; “Definitely. It’s too easy for idiots to get hold of them and hurt themselves and others, terrifies animals and babies, my kids couldn’t sleep for weeks last year thanks to people letting them off a week before and after not to mention at New Years as well. It’s exhausting enough being a parent without having to be up and down all night for weeks on end just because people take bonfire night too far.”

Matt Gill said: “Been going off weeks where we live. Should be illegal outside of “Bonfire week”

But Karen Clarkson said: “No. I think the sale of fireworks should only be around bonfire night. Animals have an issue with fireworks I accept that but fireworks on bonfire night are a tradition and you are still going to get the loud bangs from organised displays. Maybe a ban on the really big bang fireworks for the general public but why ban them totally to the public. Animals will still have the anxiety from the organised displays.”

Mark Mayman said: “No not at all. Freedom of choice. If pet owners are concerned then keep your pets inside like I do. There are products you can buy to calm dogs especially.”

Andrew Nash added: “Nope. It should be down to choice.”

Debbie Reynolds suggested: “Make silent ones like here in France, lovely display no bangs.”