Skate park plan for Walton Sports and Social Club

Walton Sports & Social Club'Pictured: Darran McGuire and Brenda Clark.
Walton Sports & Social Club'Pictured: Darran McGuire and Brenda Clark.

SPORTY children could soon have access to a brand new skate park and sports area in their village.

Walton Sports and Social Club is looking to create the new sports facilities at Walton Community Centre, off Shay Lane.

Sports facilities will include a multi-use games area (MUGA), skate park, play area and outdoor fitness area.

This week the club’s secretary, Darran McGuire, has handed in a planning application to Wakefield Council.

In a design and access statement submitted to the local authority, Mr McGuire said: “In enhancing the quality of the sports and leisure facilities available at the community centre to meet the needs of the community in Walton, it is believed that the proposals are fully in accordance with Wakefield’s core strategy policies.

“In particular ‘the need to increase the level of local community services, such as community centres, local sport and public open space facilities in local service centre and villages’.”

The skate park would be 15 metres by 30 metres in size and located next to rugby pitches at the east of the site.

It would have a two-metre high fence and security gate and be closed at night.

And volunteers from the centre would supervise when it was in use.

Plans include construction it from concrete to minimise noise.

The MUGA and outdoor fitness area will be based at the back of the centre and available for children and young people from the village to book.

The children’s play area will be for youngsters aged up to 10 years old and located at the bottom of the centre car park.

It will also be near disabled parking bays to encourage use by wheelchair users.

The whole site would be covered by existing CCTV cameras to minimise vandalism.