Slideaway into a city oasis for cocktails and connections...

Tucked down a cobbled side-street, with a heated outdoor terrace and an impressive cocktail selection, Kindred Spirit presents itself as an '˜oasis' in Wakefield.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th January 2018, 1:56 pm
Updated Friday, 26th January 2018, 4:18 pm

Taking inspiration from its name, the bar aims to provide a place where people can connect and socialise.

And its Thursday night live lounge events, which see local performers share their music, is just one way staff bring people together and showcase what the district has to offer.

General manager Adam Sparks said: “A kindred spirit is a person you connect with and this place is about the people, as well as the welcoming surroundings.”

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The bar’s signature drinks are also influenced by its name - fruity and flavoursome cocktails, made with, well what else, spirits.

The glasses and goblets they are served from are equally as impressive as the two-page list of options to choose from - perhaps the most unusual is two-person sharing cocktail Dead Man’s Chest, presented in a trunk. But while the bar is best known for its cocktail collection, beer, wine and gin are among other tipples lining its cabinets.

Inside, the bar is set across two levels, with seating areas in the upper platform available to book for table service.

Outside, the terrace is made up of wooden seating, adorned with greenery, under a veranda decorated with fairy lights.

Mr Sparks said: “It’s a hidden gem. You can’t drive past it, you don’t really walk past it, but when you walk through the archway into Albion Court, it’s what we call an oasis.

“There’s a happy, vibrant atmosphere. It’s a nice relaxed place, of a high quality, that Wakefield deserves.”