SLIDESHOW: Wakefield society holds annual tulip show in Horbury

Beautiful blooms from as far as Sweden and Edinburgh were displayed at this year’s annual tulip show.

The Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society held its 179th annual fair at Primrose Hall in Horbury on Saturday.

The 179th annual tulip show at Primrose Hall in Horbury. Carole Gude and Jane Green. (W564H419)

The 179th annual tulip show at Primrose Hall in Horbury. Carole Gude and Jane Green. (W564H419)

There were a number of exhibitors, despite fears that there would be no blooms left following an early spring.

Secretary Teresa Clements said: “It was an early season for tulips after a mild spring and we were worried that there wouldn’t be any tulips left for the show but our growers tried their best, some keeping tulips in the fridge for two weeks so that they would last until the show.

“Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Wrenthorpe show due to the early season. There are very few tulips that remain in flower after the recent warm weather. We are sorry to disappoint any visitors who were looking forward to seeing the flowers.”

Mrs Clements, from Harrogate, enjoyed success in the show, taking home eight awards. Prizes also went to growers from across Yorkshire, Sweden, Leicestershire and Cheshire.

The group, which is Britain’s last remaining tulip society, still displays their blooms in a brown beer bottle - a tradition going back to the first shows.

Growing tulips was originally a pastime reserved for the wealthy, but miners took up the hobby as they wanted to be in the fresh air after long stints underground. The miners would hold their shows in pubs and each tulip would be displayed in a brown beer bottle, as they were easily available, a tradition that continues today.

The society has cancelled a smaller show planned for Sunday, May 25, at Wrenthorpe Village Hall.

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The winners were:

Teresa Clements, from Harrogate, won the Eyre Family Trophy, the Needham Memorial Cup, the Royles Jubilee Cup, the Local Silver Challenge Cup, the Stages Cup, the F R Hunter Cup, the Jim Akers Memorial Goblet and the Albert Tear Memorial Cup.

Bob Taylor, from Shipley, took home the G.S. Hunter Memorial Cup.

Chris Gill, from Halifax, won the Silver Plate and the Gina Roozen Cup.

Swedish grower Ulf Hansson took home the Brook Silver Challenge Cup and Glass Goblet and the Peter Emmett Trophy.

Trevor Myers, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, won the Stan Knowles Cup and a Glass Goblet.

Alice Green, from North Ferriby, won the Elizabeth Smith Silver Medal for being the youngest exhibitor under the age of 18 years.

Neil Tyers, from Coalville, Leicestershire, took home the Keith Eyre Trophy and the Dudmaston Plate.