Specials helped save man’s life

Wakefield District Police Divisional Awards
Wakefield District Police Divisional Awards
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BRAVE special constables who acted without fear for their own safety helped to save a man’s life after a fight in a pub.

Special Constabulary Section Officers Rachel Brady and Micheal Boothman and Special Constables Stephen Manning and Kirsty Taylor were all given commendations by Chief Supt Marc Callaghan.

They were called to the Rocking Horse Inn on Barden Road, Eastmoor, in October 2010 after reports that a woman had been glassed.

Supt Tryon Joyce, of Wakefield Division, said: “There was a large group of people in the car park and a man was lying on the floor unconscious.

“They began to administer first aid to the man and it became apparent he had potentially life threatening injuries.”

They called paramedics to take the injured man and woman to hospital for urgent treatment.

Afterwards they tracked down an independent witness who gave vital evidence.

As a result a man was arrested and convicted for a serious assault.

Special Constables have the same powers as police officers but volunteer their services for free.