Speed cameras for crash hotspot in Outwood

RTA Leeds Rd Outwood,Wakefield 17/12/12
RTA Leeds Rd Outwood,Wakefield 17/12/12

SPEED cameras could be installed in Outwood after the village was identified as a crash blackspot.

Wakefield Council said it was working with the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership to have two cameras installed on Leeds Road.

They said there would be “one at either side” of Outwood.

Coun Charlie Keith said there had been some “horrific” crashes on the road.

Just last month there was a six-car pile-up near the Victoria pub.

And last summer a man was taken to hospital following a crash in the same spot.

Coun Keith, who has run surgeries on road safety in the village, said: “People in Outwood and Newton Hill have been very worried about the number of accidents. Drivers do tend to put their foot down on this stretch. The police can’t always be there to monitor it and it’s worse in the evenings when there’s less traffic.”

Police data showed there had been 15 serious crashes from the Newton Hill roundabout to the junction with Potovens Lane since 2005.

Coun Keith said one camera should be placed by the Woodman Inn and the Co-operative, and the other near the Victoria pub, on the straight stretch of road towards Newton Hill.

But he said it would depend on funding.

He said: “There’s a long process involved but we’d like to see the cameras up within the next 12 months.

“It would make a real difference.”

Ian Thomson, service director for planning, transportation and highways, said: “The Partnership is responsible for speed cameras in the district and we are in discussions about placing two cameras on Leeds Road, one either side of Outwood.

“Speed cameras are only considered on roads that meet a strict and robust criteria.”