Staff laid off as Wakefield’s Comet store shuts down

Comet, Cathedral Retail Park, Wakefield
Comet, Cathedral Retail Park, Wakefield

STAFF at electrical retailer Comet have been laid off as the company closed down for good.

Comet has closed its store at Wakefield’s Cathedral Retail Park, with the loss of 15 jobs, after going into administration.

The firm ran 236 stores UK-wide, but just 49 remained open today.

Business advisory firm Deloitte, which took over the business last month, said all Comet’s stores would shut down unless a buyer came forward by the end of today.

Comet is also facing legal action from former employees over claims they were not properly consulted about being made redundant.

By law, staff have a right to be consulted if 20 or more staff are being laid off.

A Deloitte spokesman said: “Due to the very nature of a company in administration, decisions over redundancies regularly have to be taken at very short notice due to circumstances and whilst every effort is made to consult with employees and give as much notice as is possible to those affected, regrettably it is sometimes not possible to give all employees significant advance notice of their redundancies.”