Star’s trial date is fixed

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NEWCASTLE United star Kevin Nolan is to stand trial at Wakefield Magistrates’ Court on a 108mph speeding charge.

Nolan, 28, is accused of breaking the 70mph speed limit on the M1 in Leeds in his Audi car on July 4 last year.

The case had been proved in Nolan’s absence in November but that conviction was set aside last month after magistrates heard how the paperwork had been sent to Nolan’s old Liverpool address and he was unaware of the summons.

The first Nolan knew of it was when police, armed with an arrest warrant - turned up at Newcastle’s training ground just before Christmas.

The midfielder, from Ponteland, Newcastle, denied the speeding allegation when he appeared before Wakefield magistrates on December 30. Afterwards he signed an autograph for football fan Nawaz Ali, 26, of Eastmoor.

Nolan did not have to appear at court on Tuesday for a case management hearing where a trial date of March 8 was set.

The Premiership star is represented by the firm founded by celebrity defence lawyer Nick Freeman.

He is known as “Mr Loophole” following a string of acquittals for famous clients on motoring charges.

Nolan’s solicitor’s, Freeman & Co, sent in a letter about issues in the case.

But District Judge Marie Mallon said the points raised were general and vague and needed to be more specific.

She said: “Some of the issues are so vague, as to be meaningless but some of the questions can be answered.”

The judge requested a further case management before her on February 22, saying Nolan or his representative were to attend.

Nolan’s trial in March is expected to involve two police officers.