Station mural ‘looks out of place’

Is it enough?: The new collection.
Is it enough?: The new collection.

A new collection of photos at Westgate station could be the promised ‘Welcome to Wakefield’ wall.

Commuters previously expressed their distaste for a mural, which portrays the London skyline, at railway station suggesting that it was “a missed opportunity” to promote the local area.

They instead called for artwork featuring attractions such as the Hepworth, Wakefield Cathedral and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

London North East Rail were quick to confirm that a Wakefield mural was on its way.

The new series of photographs, believed to have been hung on Monday, October 1, could be the answer to these complaints.

The 11 images feature local landmarks including Newmillerdam Country Park, the Town Hall Clock Tower, Wakefield Cathedral, Sandal Castle, a Peregrine Falcon and Trinity Walk shopping centre.

But while some people celebrated the new collection, one commuter took to Twitter to say that it “could have been bigger.”

Kat Young said: “I wouldn’t have bothered, it looks out of place and you can easily miss it.”

Andrew Bell called the photographs “a cheap afterthought.”

In a statement last month, a spokesperson for London North East Rail promised that a local mural was on its way.

They said: “I’m very happy that customers are already noticing the mural but they’re a bit quick off the mark in this instance.

“The mural does indeed focus on London as this is the main destination that our customers can travel to from Wakefield. However it is by no means the last change we’re making at the station. “In the next few weeks, the opposite wall will be transformed into a ‘Welcome to Wakefield’ wall featuring images of local landmarks, encouraging visitors to explore the region. We’re currently discussing with the station staff about what should be featured.”

LNER confirmed that work at the station was still ongoing.