Streets apart...find the cheapest and most luxurious homes in the WF postcode

Ever fancied owning a house worth over £1m?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th January 2017, 9:24 am
Updated Friday, 20th January 2017, 9:37 am
Bentley Road in  Lupset, Wakefield is the cheapest place to live.
Bentley Road in Lupset, Wakefield is the cheapest place to live.

Well, even if you have that kind of cash lying about, there’s only a select number of places across West Yorkshire where simple bricks and mortar crosses the eye-watering seven-figure mark.

That’s according to, a website that calculates the average cost of streets using selling prices and the number of times homes have switched ownership in the last two decades.

And as you can imagine, it’s not so much penthouses and luxury flats that head the list, but the homes set in Yorkshire’s leafy areas in acres of peaceful surroundings that top the tables.

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A house in the Woolley Park area could cost you more than £1m.

You’re more likely to meet other members of the millionaires’ club living in the Wakefield area with the region’s five most expensive streets included in the WF postcodes.

The most prestigious areas include Woolley, which boasts four of the top five streets, and the Upper Hopton area of Mirfield.

Emma Hodgson, branch manager at Wakefield’s Linley & Simpson estate agents, said: “I’m not surprised at all that Woolley comes out on top, it has always been a popular location, it’s a small village and the size of the houses dictate.

“It’s the place to be if you have the money.”

Dombey Street, Halifax, has the most affordable homes in the area.

Richard Kendall, founder of Richard Kendall Estate Agents, agreed.

He said: “It’s the most popular and expensive village we have got, it’s full of individual properties.

“If you want the best house in the best area, Woolley is certainly one of the places you would look around if you’ve got the money.”

While the WF postcodes dominate the rich lists, there are no shortage of plush homes found in the Calderdale area, although it seems most will only set you back north of half-a-million pounds.

A house in the Woolley Park area could cost you more than £1m.

This includes Stanningden Rise in Ripponden, where the average house is over £641,000, closely followed by Cam Lane and Birkhouse in the Brighouse area.

Paul Keighley, partner at Calderdale-based estate agents, Bramley’s, says that while the prices are interesting, the statistics may be misleading.

He said: “It’s a snapshot, there will be areas with more expensive properties, but there will only be two or three of them, maybe large farm houses, so the average price may be kept high.

“When you get stats like this, they can also be jaundiced because none have sold.

Dombey Street, Halifax, has the most affordable homes in the area.

“It’s a case of supply and demand, when these houses come up for sale, because there’s only a few of them they will go for an incredible price.”

With most of us left to dream of owning such luxurious homes, we’re more likely to afford those at the bottom end of the market.

The best value in the region is in WF2, with a property on Bentley Road costing on average just £35,700.

For the Calderdale area, the combination of small terraced homes and flats ensures that Dombey Street, close to the town centre in HX1, offers the cheapest homes.

Low-price areas can be affected by the rental market, according to Bramley’s Paul Keighley.

He said: “You can find poor-quality landlords which draw the price down.

“You tend to get very few people who buy these properties with the intention of living there themselves, they just buy them to let them out.

“Few people would buy these properties to live there out of choice. Crime is not necessarily the issue on cheaper streets, they are often deprived areas with people who are living on benefits or may have fallen out of the social system.”

Despite the low prices, there is no shortage of interest to parts of the region.

Emma Hodgson of Linley & Simpson said: “A lot of people move from the Leeds area because it’s now cheaper in the Wakefield area, and there are exceptional transport links being only minutes from the M1, M62 and A1.

“There’s been an increase in people who commute from Wakefield, professional people,” she added.

“And there’s so much development everywhere compared to other parts of Yorkshire - there’s massive growth.”

WF postcode’s most expensive homes.

1 Woolley Park (WF4) £1,282,147

2 Woolley Edge Lane (WF4) £1,244,763

3 ChapelHill(WF14) £1,151,289

4 Seckar Lane (WF4) £873,332

5 Kirkby Lane (WF4) £848,353

WF postcode’s cheapest homes.

1 Bentley Road (WF2) £35,700

2 Pildacre Lane (WF12) £36,71

3 Ford Street (WF9) £42,581

4 Gordon Place (WF9) £43,598

5 Fearnley Street (WF7) £44,121

Calderdale’s most expensive homes

1 Stanningden Rise (HX6) £641,736

2 CamLane (HD6) £639,251

3 Birkhouse (HD6) £616,647

4 Lightcliffe Royd (HX4) £605,777

5 OakesGardens (HX4) £592,341

Calderdale’s cheapest homes

1 Dombey Street (HX1) £41,576

2 Worsley Street (OL16) £41,680

3 ArundelStreet (HX1) £43,530

4 LutonStreet(HX1) £43,562

5 Rugby Avenue (HX3) £45,595