Subject key

acc –accounting; ah –ancient history; ahl –ancient history and literature; am – applied mathematics; ac –art and craft; ad –art and design; arab -arabic; arfa – art and design fine art; adgd -art and design graphic design; app –

applied mechanics; arc –archaeology; as - applied science; bg – British government and politics; b – botany; bn –Bengali; bus - applied business; bs – business studies; bz – botany and zoology; cft – craft; ch – Chinese; cls –

classical studies; cy – chemistry; cs – computer studies; csc – computer science; cc –classical civilisation; com st – communication studies; ct –critical thinking; cw – creative writing; dc –dance; ds – domestic science; dg –art;

des tech – design technology; des tech fd – design technology; food technology; dr – design and realisation; dra - drama and theatre; ec –social and economic history; Du – Dutch; es – engineering science; ep – economical

and political studies; ecg –economic geography; ed –engineering drawing; edd– engineering drawing and design; elc –electronics; eng – English; est – environmental studies; ff – home economics fashion and fabrics; fm – further

mathematics; fr –French; fs –film studies; fpu – French for non- professional use; ged –geometrical and engineering drawing; g –German; gcom –graphical communication; gp – government and politics; gs –general studies; gc – general classics; gpl – general principals of English law; hb – human biology; hc –housecraft; hy – history; he –home economics; ha – history of art; hsc - applied health and social care; hscda -health and social care double award; I

– Italian; ict – applied information communitcation technology; it – information technology; itda - information technology double award; itsa - applied ict single award; jp – Japanese; k –Greek; L –Latin; Lt – English Literature; lp – latin (prose offered); lw –l aw; pht –photography; m – mathematics; me – mathematics for education and industry; met – metalwork; med – media studies; mus – music; mt or must – music technology; n – biology; nd –needlework and dressmaking; pa –principles of accounts; p –physics; ph – philosophy; pm –pure mathematics; pmc – pure mathematics and mechanics; ps – pure mathematics with statistics; pam – pure and applied mathematics; pg – Portugese; py – physics and mathematics; po – political studies; ped –physical education; pc –physical science; pfa – performing arts; psy – psychology; pl – Polish; q -economics; r – Russian; rs – religious studies; s – Spanish; sc –science; se – spoken English; soc – sociology; sp st – sports studies; sta –statistics; soc –social biology; t – geography; tex –textiles; ts – theatre studies; tt – travel and tourism; ttda – travel and tourism double award; txd – textile and dress; td – technical drawing; trh – Latin translation and Roman history; u – Urdu; ue – use of English; um- use of maths v – geology; w – woodwork; z – zoology.