Successful prosecution of Pontefract fly-tipper

A fly tipper from Pontefract has been prosecuted at York Magistrates Court, for dumping rubbish at two locations.

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 6th December 2018, 11:40 am
Fly tipping

Trevor Moran, aged 53, from Spittal Hardwick Lane, fly tipped a range of household items, including a table, plastic chairs, light fittings and plastic rubbish bags onto Birkin Lane, Birkin and cardboard and wood at Beal Lane, Cridling Stubbs. His fine of £150, plus his legal costs, means Mr Moran now faces costs of £549.72.

Selby District Council officers investigated after being notified of a significant amount of waste discovered in both locations. Evidence and witness statements were gathered and as a result of the investigation by Selby District Council, Mr Moran was taken to court, where he pleaded guilty to two offences of fly tipping under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Lead councillor for housing, health and culture, Coun Chris Pearson, said: 'Dumping your rubbish isn't tolerated in our district and, where we have evidence to support it, we'll prosecute every single case.

'Fly tippers are blight on our district and these incidents have a significant impact on residents and communities, and costs the Council '“ and therefore the local taxpayers '“ thousands of pounds a year.

'Another successful prosecution by the council sends out a clear message '“ if we catch you, we will always take you to court.'

The council uses a wide range of tools including the use of CCTV to tackle and gather evidence against those responsible for fly tipping and will always take action when evidence is found.