Suspender-clad flasher struck on wintry night


A cross-dressing, suspender wearing flasher exposed himself by torchlight on a wintry night.

Paul Swithenbank, 42, was also wearing a matching black bra and an open jacket when he was observed performing a solo sex act in his parents’ garden last November.

The witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told the trial she was walking along Eastville Road, Sharlston at 4.30pm on November 20 when she spotted Swithenbank. She said: “He was stood there in a dark bra, dark suspenders and an open thigh-length jacket.”

Although it was dark, she said: “You could see the contrast of the dark underwear against his pale skin.”

She denied defence claims that Swithenbank was fully dressed and was urinating.

Prosecutor Kathryn Stuckey said officers later seized “a black suspender belt, black women’s knickers, black fishnet stockings, a black bra and a black torch” when they searched Swithenbank’s home in Arundel Close, Wakefield.

Swithenbank, who denied exposure, said he was wearing a coat, tracksuit and jeans when he was caught short in the garden. He said he wasn’t wearing ladies’ underwear but did accept previously wearing his girlfriend’s undies when they had been “fooling around”.

City magistrates found him guilty. Sentence for Swithenbank, who has no previous similar convictions and intends to appeal, was adjourned.