Sweep your chimneys in time for Christmas

Ian Bitcon
Ian Bitcon

Firefighters have been called out to tackle 16 chimney fires in Wakefield so far this year.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has warned people to get their chimneys swept before Christmas to prevent potentially fatal fires.

Ian Bitcon, Area Manager for Fire Safety for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “It’s been a fairly mild winter so far but in the run-up to Christmas people will no doubt be lighting fires and heating appliances in their homes to give a cosy festive feel to living rooms and such.

“However, it is essential to eliminate the build-up of soot in chimney flues and check for blockages such as bird or animal nests, leaves or a build-up of debris.

“Blocked chimneys can cause a build-up of noxious fumes such as carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion and this has the power to kill. We would advise that home owners have their chimneys swept by a certified chimney sweep before lighting their appliance.”