Take a tour around new £10m Sun Lane Leisure swimming and fitness centre

Sun Lane Leisure, inside shot
Sun Lane Leisure, inside shot

PEOPLE have been invited to take a guided tour of the city’s new £10m swimming and fitness centre.

Tours of Sun Lane Leisure start tomorrow ahead of its opening on Saturday, October 20.

Coun Peter Box, leader of Wakefield Council said: “Sun Lane Leisure is opening in the most inspirational year of sport the country has ever seen. With London hosting the 2012 games and Team GB’s amazing performance it has not only inspired a generation but also a nation and we want to continue this legacy with the opening of Sun Lane Leisure.

“These tours are open to everyone who lives or works in the district, everyone is welcome to have a preview of what Sun Lane Leisure has to offer.”

Local businesses can apply for corporate discounts for the council’s Aspire Health & Fitness Membership Scheme, have been invited to tour on Monday and Tuesday.

But tours for the rest of the public start tomorrow and can be booked by calling 01924 307820.